Are There Beaches In Olbia?

Which part of Sardinia has the best beaches?

1. Cala Brandinchi. Known as 'Little Tahiti' for its incredible clear waters, and recognised as one of the most famous beaches in Sardinia, Cala Brandinchi makes it onto any list showcasing Sardinia's best beaches.

How do you get to Olbia from the beach?

From Olbia, you have to take the Strada Statale 125 in the direction of San Teodoro for about 24 km, turn left at the main entrance to San Teodoro village, after 850 metres cross a bridge and immediately afterwards turn to the beach car park.

What is the nicest beach in Sardinia?

  • Costa Sud. Chia Beach, Costa Sud.
  • Maddalena Islands. Cala Coticcio on the island of Caprera, Maddalena Islands.
  • Capo Testa. Rena Bianca beach in Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia.
  • Costa Smeralda.
  • Costa Verde.
  • Golfo di Orosei.
  • Costa Rei.
  • Cala Brandinchi and San Teodoro.
  • What is Olbia known for?

    On the Mediterranean island of Sardinia off Italy's western coast is a city known for its beaches, archeological ruins and ancient churches. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Olbia has an appealing assortment of attractive beaches.

    What is Olbia in Sardinia like?

    About Olbia

    With an extremely long and rich history, inexpensive but tasteful restaurants, and interesting museums scattered throughout, it is in fact quite a gem of Sardinia well worth the visit.

    Where is Costa Smeralda Sardinia?

    The Costa Smeralda is a stretch of 10km situated between the bay of Arzachena and the Gulf of Cugnana and is perhaps the best-known corner of Sardinia, famous for its beaches and glitzy resorts.

    Which is better north or south Sardinia?

    While all of Sardinia is famed for its beaches, the North has a more rugged terrain and dramatic coastline, however this does not mean it is bereft of white sand and turquoise water. If you are staying on the ever-popular coast of Costa Smeralda, then Liscia Ruja is where you should be heading.

    Which part of Sardinia is best for families?

    Great places for a family vacation in Sardinia are:

  • Villasimius area – in Southern Sardinia, this is an area with fantastic beaches for families and good facilities for kids.
  • Orosei – in Eastern Sardinia, this is a lovely locality for families with pretty beaches, a nice town center and lovely green areas.
  • Are Sardinia and Sardegna the same?

    Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian) is the second-largest Italian island and is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Many beaches in Sardinia are now well known nationally and internationally, such as those of Villasimius, the Costa Smeralda, and Alghero, and are among the favorite destinations for holidays.

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