Are There Sandy Beaches In Milos?

How do I get to Milos beach?

Information for Milos Beach

Nowadays, it is accessible either by boat from Ag. Nikitas or by walking through the 2 paths around the village. To walk to the beach, take the pedestrian street through Agios Nikitas village, down towards the sea. About one third of the way to the sea you will pass a 'taverna' on the left.

Where can I snorkel in Milos?

Swimming in Kastanas beach

Kastanas was probably my own favourite Milos beach. It was one of the most enjoyable spots to snorkel in Milos, as the water was super clear. There are some interesting sea caves to explore.

Where is the nicest beach in Greece?

  • Elafonissi, Crete. The best beach in Greece: Elafonissi on the south coast of Crete.
  • Mylopotas Beach, Ios.
  • Plaka Beach, Naxos.
  • Platys Gialos, Mykonos.
  • Ornos Beach, Mykonos.
  • Mytros Beach, Kefalonia.
  • Paleokastritsa, Corfu.
  • Stafylo Beach, Skopelos.
  • Where is the clearest water in Greece?

    Balos Beach, Crete

    Balos Beach has beautiful white sand and some of the clearest water in Greece — which is helping it to rise in the rankings of the best beaches in Greece.

    Which Greek island has nicest beaches?

    1. Crete: Sublime Sandy Beaches. Crete boasts gorgeous beaches in addition to fascinating cultural sites and picturesque port towns. Many of the prettiest beaches are found along Crete's southwest coast, including Elafonissi Beach, renowned for its pink-tinged sandy shoreline and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

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