Can I Drive A Rental Car From Seattle Into Canada?

Can you rent a car to drive across Canada?

Can you rent a car to drive across Canada? Yes, most car rental companies offer pick-up and drop-off options in many Canadian cities.

Can you cross the Mexican border with a rental car?

Can you take a rental car to Mexico? Yes, you can rent a car to drive to Mexico, but specific restrictions apply. You need to rent the vehicle through a corporate account, and it must be returned in the U.S. (no one-way rentals into Mexico are permitted).

Can I drive from Seattle to Vancouver?

The distance from Seattle to Vancouver is about 140 miles. Naturally, the duration will vary depending on the route you take and your travel method. But the average Seattle to Vancouver drive time is about 2.5 to 3 hours non-stop. From there, you can drive to downtown Vancouver in about an hour.

Can you drive a rental car across provinces?

Rental car companies do not like you taking their vehicles outside the designated originating province on an Unlimited kilometreage / mileage plan as it costs them money. However, if you are planning on dropping off the vehicle in another province or territory, you would pay a drop-off charge / fee.

Do you need a passport to drive from Seattle to Vancouver?

We believe there's a huge number of travelers in the Northwest region who will drive through Seattle to get to Vancouver. Our message to them all is to have proper documents to get back home.” Regardless of how they plan to get to Canada, U.S. citizens don't need a passport to enter.

How do I get from Seattle to Vancouver?

  • Victoria Clipper Ferry. Traveling on the passenger-only Victoria Clipper ferry is about as easy and low stress as it gets.
  • Kenmore Air.
  • Washington State Ferry or Black Ball Ferry Line's MV Coho.
  • Amtrak Cascades Train.
  • Motorcoach.
  • Car.
  • Plane.
  • Helijet.
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