Can You Walk Bay Of Fires Independently?

How long does Bay of Fires take?

The Bay of Fires coastline stretches for 50 kms from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north.

How do I get to the Bay of Fires?

Getting there

Access to the southern section of the Bay of Fires is from St Helens via the Binalong Bay Road (C850). Take the left turn-off on to the C848 at the sign 'The Gardens 13km'. This is a sealed road which terminates at private land at The Gardens. The campgrounds are located 7km along the road.

Where does the Bay of Fires walk start?

The starting point for the Bay of Fires Walk is on the coast at the northern-most point of Mount William National Park (Stumpys Bay). There are no public transport facilities directly to the track.

Is Bay of Fires worth visiting in winter?

Bay of Fires

Whilst the water might be a bit too cold for most people, you can still explore the unique granite formations, take in a breathtaking sunrise over the ocean or just enjoy the unique beauty that is a beach in winter.

Is Bay of Fires a national park?

The northern section of the bay is part of Mount William National Park; the southern end is a conservation area. A wide range of activities can be pursued in the Bay of Fires area, including camping, beach activities, boating, bird watching, fishing, swimming, surfing and walking.

What National Park is Wukalina walk in?

The walk takes place within the magnificent wukalina (Mt William National Park) and larapuna (Bay of Fires) in North East lutruwita (Tasmania, Australia) 2.5 hours from Launceston, 4.5 hours from Hobart and 1.5 hours from St Helens. This is our cultural homeland.

Is Bay of Fires free?

The campsites at Bay Of Fires are pretty much as good as you will find, made all the more remarkable by virtue of the fact of this unbelievable location - you can stay for up to four weeks for free; no passes required.

Why are the rocks red at Bay of Fires?

The Bay of Fires beaches looked like they have been put on fire. This orange hue of the rocks comes from lichens, a combination of algae and fungus that live together in a symbiotic relationship.

Where can I stop Bay of Fires?

Best places to stay in the Bay of Fires

  • Grants Lagoon Camping: basic free campground on the lagoon in Binalong Bay.
  • Cosy Corner South: free campground on the beach about 4km from Binalong Bay.
  • Cost Corner North: free camping just north of Cosy Corner South.
  • Sloop Reef Camping: a beautiful spot north of Cosy Corner.
  • Can you drive Wineglass Bay?

    Wineglass Bay is in the NP and not accessible by car, either hike there (first up, then down, approx 3-4 hours one way), or you can go on a Wineglass Bay cruise from Coles Bay. that you can drive up too, or are a short walk from the car park. Friendly beaches are one.

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