Do I Need A Special License To Rent A Car In Croatia?

What do I need to drive a hire car in Croatia?

To hire a car in Croatia, you must be at least 18 years old (age can vary by car category) and have held your driver's license for at least 1 year. For drivers under the age of 25 an additional young driver surcharge may apply locally. Seatbelts are mandatory for the driver and all passengers.

Is car insurance required in Croatia?

Expats who own and drive a car in Croatia are required to have international car insurance as dictated by law, especially in a third-party liability level. Meanwhile, third party insurance will be needed if a claim is made against the car owner for personal injuries and legal costs.

Do I need an international drivers license to drive in Croatia?

Do you need an international driver's license to drive in Croatia? No, you don't need an international driver's license as long as your home country's driver's license is written in the Latin alphabet.

Is it difficult to drive in Croatia?

Driving in Croatia is relatively easy as roads – including the motorway system – are of a very good standard. You are unlikely to encounter any problems when driving in Croatia. Even if you do come into some difficulties, most local people will be more than willing to help you.

Do we need a car in Split Croatia?

If you only plan to stay in big towns like Zagreb, Split, or Dubrovnik, you'll probably be better off without a car. Intercity buses are a convenient, frequent, fast, and cheap way to go from one town to another. Once in the town, you can use public transport to move around, or you can simply explore a town on foot.

Is there Uber in Croatia?

Don't fret—there is Uber in Croatia

Luckily, the answer is yes—Ubers are available in most major cities like Zagreb, and Dubrovnik, as well as in coastal destinations like Split.

Is renting a car in Croatia easy?

Although car hire in Croatia is easy, it is essential to remember that Croatia's traffic laws may slightly differ from those in your own home country.

Do I need a green card to drive in Croatia?

All drivers from EU countries can enter Croatia WITHOUT Green Card. If travelling from NON-EU country, you should ensure before leaving that your Green Card insurance covers Croatia.

Will my travel insurance cover me in Croatia?

Will my EHIC/GHIC cover me in Croatia? Yes, the European Health Insurance Card and new GHIC entitles you to the same standard of healthcare that citizens of participating EU countries receive, either for free or at a subsidised cost.

How old do you need to be to rent a car in Croatia?

Age to rent a car in Croatia

The minimum age to rent any car class in Croatia is 18. The maximum age is 80. A fee of 40.00 EUR per rental will apply to drivers age 18-20 for any car group. Prices are subject to change.

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