Do You Need A License To Rent A Scooter In Rome?

How much does it cost to hire a scooter in Rome?

24-Hour Scooter Rental – 58€ for two people. 12 Hours to One Week Rental – 150€ for 2 days for two people or 360€ for an entire week for two people. New Liberty 125cc rental for 12 hours – 50€ for two people.

Are there electric scooters in Rome?

A bewildering variety of electric scooters (also known as micro scooters) are scattered all over the sidewalks of Rome city center and inner suburbs, for use on the roads of the city.

What license do you need to rent a scooter in Italy?

All EU driving licences are valid in Italy. Travellers from other countries should obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) through their national automobile association. A licence is required to ride a scooter – a car licence will do for bikes up to 125cc; for anything over 125cc you'll need a motorcycle licence.

How much does a scooter cost in Italy?

Today, however, a moped costs on average $1,350 to which is added the expenses of insurance, stamp duty, and licensing – pushing up the total cost to about $2,250. “Today mopeds are simply too expensive for the great majority of Italian households,” said Attilio Brisci, a moped mechanic in Cosenza, northern Calabria.

How much does it cost to rent a Vespa in Rome?

Vespa rental “Roma Rent a Bike” in Rome

Rome rent a bike rents out Vespas for a minimum of one day. The rental price for a day is 70 euro, and 120 euro for 2 days.

How do you use a scooter in Rome?

From now on you can ride electric scooters in Rome. Download the app, locate the nearest scooter, scan its QR code and unlock it. Once you're done with your ride, park the scooter curbisde and end your rental!

How does lime scooter work?

You can locate Lime scooters using the app and then unlock them by scanning a QR code. Or, if you happen upon a scooter that isn't in use, you just unlock it. When your ride is over, you relock it and the app dings your credit card and charges you – usually a dollar per ride + 15 cents per minute.

Can a foreigner buy a scooter in Italy?

However, that is not my question. The rule here is that you have to be a resident to buy and register a motor vehicle, including a scooter or motorcycle.

Do you need license for Vespa in Italy?

You have to present yourself with your valid driving license, an identity card or passport and with a credit card (only VISA and MASTERCARD) as guarantee. To drive the vespa 125 cc the car driving license is sufficient. To drive the vespa 150, 250 or 300 cc you need a motorcycle license.

Can you ride Vespas in Italy?

One of the most iconic things you can do in Rome is to ride a Vespa, or Motorino as they're called in Italy! You can't visit this historic city without seeing thousands of scooters zipping around the ancient streets. With so many people and so few parking spaces, many locals opt for scooters over cars.

Are electric scooters legal in Italy?

Electric scooters have finally been granted “equal rights” with bicycles in Italy, resolving a big problem regarding urban mobility. Thanks to the new regulation, all owners of electric scooters will be able to use their vehicles legally in Italian cities without causing serious problems.

Can you use electric scooters in Italy?

International Scooter Laws

Riders can rent shared scooters but cannot yet ride private scooters on public roads. Electric scooters are classified as motor vehicles, and so all riders must have a valid driver's license and be over the age of 16 to ride them.

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