Does Fraser Island Have A Lighthouse?

Can you drive to Sandy Cape on Fraser Island?

The Eastern Beach scenic drive is on K'gari (Fraser Island), 15km off the coast of Hervey Bay and about 300km north of Brisbane. The scenic drive travels along the east coast of the island, from Hook Point to Sandy Cape and can be accessed at various locations along its length.

Where is Sandy Cape Queensland?

Sandy Cape (also known by the Indigenous name of Woakoh) is the most northern point on Fraser Island (also known as K'gari and Gari) off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The place was named Sandy Cape for its appearance by James Cook during his 1770 voyage up the eastern coast of Australia aboard the Endeavour.

Does Hervey Bay have a lighthouse?

Reference no. The Woody Island Lighthouses are a pair of heritage-listed lighthouses at Big Woody Island in the Great Sandy Strait, Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast Region, Queensland, Australia. They were built from 1866 to 1870.

Where is hook point Fraser Island?

Hook Point (Indigenous name: Torerr) is the southernmost tip of Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia. It is the landing point for ferry services from Inskip Point, which is some 1,200 meters further south.

How long is 75 mile beach on Fraser Island?

75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island, 120km

It's not hard to guess how this location got its name. Someone measured the beach and realised it was 75 miles long, which is 120km along the east coast of Fraser Island. It's the perfect stretch of sand to enjoy beach driving and stunning, unspoiled natural attractions.

How long does it take to drive from Hook Point to Sandy Cape?

The eastern beach from Hook Point to Sandy Cape is the main highway for the island and drivable only on the hard sand below the high-tide line. approx. 2 hours. Because everything is dependent on the tides we recommend that you don't play tourist on this first trip up the Island.

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