Smart Room Integrations

Get the best of Google for Hospitality for your hotel


Using voice to access guest amenities

With , travelers can use a Nest Hub in their hotel room to play music, order fresh towels, check out, control the TV, and much more. Give your guests a more helpful in-room experience while freeing up your staff to support guests in other ways. This new offering is available through approved systems integrators and SONIFI.


Customize your panel – This hotel branded panel helps guests get information & recommendations from the hotel or request items from the front desk.

Listen to musicQuay thử xổ số Tp. – Guests can play music, podcasts, and news from services like .

Watch videos – Guests can enjoy content from .

Get the weatherQuay thử xổ số Tp. – Check the local weather and upcoming forecast for any location, just start with .

Set an alarm – Set and manage alarms and timers for waking up & getting things done.

Get mid-stay feedbackQuay thử xổ số Tp. – Use a mid-stay survey to check in on your guests and ensure they are taken care of during their stay.

Voice controlled technologyQuay thử xổ số Tp. – Google Nest Hub delivers hands-free control to enhance guest comfort within the room.


Respecting guest privacy

Google for Hospitality is designed to help make your guests comfortable using the Nest HubQuay thử xổ số Tp. throughout their stay.

  • No camera
  • Physical mic mute switch
  • No audio is stored
  • Activity is not linked to guests’ Google accounts
  • Activity is cleared from the device when it is reset for the next guest

Enjoying the best of Google for Hospitality at hotels

Today you can experience the best of Google for Hospitality at hotels including  in Scottsdale, in Calistoga,  and  in Miami,  and  in New York City,  and Viceroy D.C., as well as  in the U.K.  Additional hotel partnerships coming soon.

With Google for Hospitality and trusted system integrators including and SONIFI, you can customize this system to your business and branding needs.

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Quay thử xổ số Tp.If you want to learn more about bringing the best of Google for Hospitality to your hotel,  to learn more.

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