How Can I Have Fun In Bucharest?

What makes Bucharest unique?

The capital of Romania has lots of charming lanes through the Old Town which will make you discover the history on every step. It's dynamically growing city as well as important commercial and industrial center. This makes the city of Bucharest unique.

Does Bucharest have good nightlife?

Bucharest has a reputation for being a party city, but few visitors actually know how complex and eccentric the city's nightlife really is. From rooftop bars and decadent spa gatherings to jam-packed clubs, Bucharest has an abundance of venues where you can spend a fabulous evening or dance the night away.

Is it safe to walk around Bucharest at night?

Everyone can wander around and explore our city without any safety issues being involved. While a very safe city, we do recommend staying in the city center once night falls as it is always police protected and extremely lively.

Is Bucharest cheap or expensive?

It's overall cheaper than Western countries, but more expensive than the rest of the world. Restaurants, bars/clubs, transportation and accommodations cost a lot less than in Western Europe.

Is Bucharest a nice city?

Bucharest is a great city. I was there last August for 2.5 days and found that there is quite a lot to do. In particular, there are many nice bars, restaurants and good coffee places. The architecture is also quite varied and interesting.

What attracts people to Bucharest?

Bucharest is mainly visited by foreign nationals for business purposes but one part of them are also attracted there by cheap drink, food, clubs or casinos and some Communist-era oddities like the enormous People's House (today the siege of the Parliament).

Is Bucharest worth visiting?

The truth is, Bucharest is an interesting, bustling, and entertaining city. To truly appreciate Bucharest, you need to really understand it; and that understanding won't come over the course of a 3-day stay here. For travelers coming to Romania for the first time, Bucharest is not worth visiting.

Is Romania safe for solo female Travellers?

Romania is safe for solo female travellers

I felt very safe during my time in Romania. Everyone was friendly and I even felt safe walking at night and when carpooling on BlaBlaCar with local guys. It's worth noting that I stayed in fairly touristic places: Bucharest, Timisoara and the main cities within Transylvania.

Which is cheaper Bucharest or Budapest?

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Bucharest and Budapest, we can see that Bucharest is more expensive. And not only is Budapest much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination.

Can you drink water in Bucharest?

Bucharest, Romania's tap water is generally safe. It is part of the European Union that regulates water quality. People were warned not to use water for brushing, cooking, and avoid drinking directly from the tap.

What is the best place to hang out in Bucharest?

From dusk till dawn: Top 10 places to hang out in Bucharest

  • Shoteria. Strada Șelari, 17.
  • Mojo. Strada Gabroveni, 14.
  • Food Hood. Strada Șelari, 4.
  • NOMAD Sky Bar. Strada Smârdan, 30.
  • Bicicleta. Strada Lipscani, 38.
  • J'ai Bistrot. Calea Griviței, 55.
  • Quantic Pub. Șoseaua Grozavești, 82.
  • Dianei 4. Strada Dianei, 4.
  • How much is a meal in Bucharest?

    Cost of Living in Bucharest

    Restaurants Edit
    Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 35.00lei
    Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 150.00lei
    McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 23.00lei
    Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 10.00lei

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