How Can I Spend A Day In Sacramento?

What is Sacramento best known for?

It is a tourist destination, featuring the California Museum, Crocker Art Museum, California State Railroad Museum, California Hall of Fame, and Old Sacramento State Historic Park. Sacramento is known for its evolving contemporary culture, and is dubbed the most "hipster city" in California.

Is it worth visiting Sacramento?

Sacramento holds great importance in California as the state's capital, but it also holds some of the most unforgettable landscapes, historic sites and even some quirky details not found anywhere else.

What can you do in Sacramento with no money?

  • 1. California State Capitol Museum. 1,379. Gardens • History Museums.
  • Old Sacramento. 3,118. Speciality Museums.
  • American River Bicycle Trail. 621. Biking Trails.
  • Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. 302. Religious Sites.
  • Capitol Park. 540.
  • Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park. 263.
  • William Land Park. 190.
  • Tower Bridge. 250.
  • How safe is Sacramento CA?

    With a rate of 627 per 100,000 people, Sacramento's violent crime rate is 65% higher than the national average. Sacramento residents have a 1 in 160 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. California's statewide violent crime rate is 441 per 100,000, and the national average is 379 per 100,000.

    Why is Sacramento called the Big Tomato?

    The Big Tomato is a nickname for Sacramento. The nickname came about because Sacramento was once hosted many tomato canneries. It was also one of the main shipping hubs for the delicious red fruit.

    What is the nickname of Sacramento?

    The most common names are Capital City, River City (after the Sacramento River and American River), and the City of Trees due to numerous trees throughout the city and along the riverbanks. The nicknames most used by those living in Sacramento are Sac, Sactown, or Sacto.

    What is there to do today in Sacramento?

    13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Sacramento, CA

  • 1. California State Railroad Museum. California State Railroad Museum | Allie_Caulfield / photo modified.
  • State Capitol.
  • Crocker Museum of Art.
  • Old Sacramento.
  • Sutter's Fort State Historic Park.
  • 6. California Automobile Museum.
  • Fairytale Town.
  • Sacramento Zoo.
  • What is there to do in Sacramento this weekend?

  • Effie Yeaw Nature Center. Effie Yeaw Nature Center is made up of low rolling hills on the banks of the bubbling American River.
  • Second Saturday.
  • Track 7.
  • Old Sacramento State Historic Park.
  • Scout Living.
  • Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park.
  • Crocker Art Museum.
  • Revolution Wines.
  • What is there to do in Sacramento with a baby?

    Fun Things to do in Sacramento With Kids

  • Play at William Land Park.
  • Explore Sacramento Children's Museum.
  • Shop at Old Sacramento.
  • Visit Sacramento Area Museums.
  • Cruise the Capitol Hornblower.
  • Explore that American River Parkway.
  • Get Creative at Crocker Art Musuem.
  • Celebrate at the California State Fair.
  • Should I visit San Francisco or Sacramento?

    When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Sacramento and San Francisco, we can see that Sacramento is more expensive. And not only is San Francisco much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to San Francisco would let you spend less money overall.

    Is it safe to walk around downtown Sacramento?

    Downtown Sacramento is generally safe but some areas like Midtown have a high crime rate. Crime downtown is concentrated along certain streets and is related to theft or nightlife areas.

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