How Can I Stay In France Cheap?

Can I stop overnight in France?

Will we be able to stay overnight in Calais instead? Short answer: Yes. Hotels in France are permitted to remain open during the lockdown. Hotel restaurants must close, but they are still allowed to provide room service.

Which city in France is the cheapest to live in?


  • Paris.
  • Lyon.
  • Marseille.
  • Nice.
  • Bordeaux.
  • What is the French equivalent of a Travelodge?

    the equivalents of Travelodge are going to be Etap and Formule 1 -- but they have max capacity of 4 people. I think Logis or other independent lodgings are going to be your only option, unless the two of you split up with the kids.

    Can you camp for free in France?

    No, wild camping and free standing are not officially allowed in France. In some regions, however, camping and bivouacking on roads, parking lots and private properties is permitted with the permission of the local authorities.

    Can you stay overnight in French motorway Aires?

    Can you stay overnight in an 'aire de service' on a French motorway? Yes, often it is allowed. They often have specific motorhome parking areas and there will be an allowed time you are allowed to stay for. Just remember, it's a motorway service station, so it's not the nicest of places to stop.

    Are French Aires free?

    An aire is a low cost or free private camping area in France. Often, they are run by the local town council. There are various names for this type of camping, though aire de service is by far the most common.

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