How Do I Get To Kakadu National Park?

What is the closest city to Kakadu?

Located in the Northern Territory, about 157 miles (253 km) from Darwin, the closest big city, it truly is one of the wild places of this island nation-continent. The most timely way to get to Kakadu is to fly to Darwin (DRW) and then either rent a car or a camper van to drive to Kakadu.

How far is Kakadu from Darwin?

From Darwin to the Kakadu National Park entry it's 152 kilometres, which will probably take you about one hour and 45 minutes.

Where is Kakadu National Park situated?

About Kakadu

Located 240 kilometres east of Darwin in Australia's tropical north, Kakadu is one of the largest national parks in Australia. Kakadu covers almost 20,000 square kilometres and is a place of enormous ecological and biological diversity.

How old is Kakadu?

More than 65,000 years – we are the oldest living culture on earth.

Can you drive into Kakadu?

It's true, you can drive to Kakadu National Park in any conventional vehicle and you will even be able to visit some of the park's many attractions. However, if you would like to see some of the most popular attractions, such as Jim Jim and Twin Falls, you will need a 4WD.

Is there fuel in Kakadu?

The store there sells petrol, diesel, groceries and souvenirs, and takes bookings for commercial tours. It has a swimming pool which non-guests are welcome to use, and a playground for the children.

Is Kakadu an Aboriginal word?

The Name Kakadu may sound like an Aboriginal name for the area, but it is, in fact, the western misinterpretation of one Indigenous language spoken by the tribes of the northern Kakadu region. The language known as Gagudju was spoken in the lowland region of Kakadu, being the major language of the park.

Where does the name Kakadu come from?

It was a time when Australians were becoming more interested in declaring national parks for conservation and in recognising the land interests of Aboriginal people. The name Kakadu was suggested to recognise Gagudju, an Aboriginal language which used to be spoken in the park.

Is Kakadu National Park in the Kimberley?

For many travellers, the West Kimberley's three national parks are the highlights of the Kakadu to the Kimberley route. Home to three spectacular gorges they were once part of a western 'great barrier reef' in the Devonian era a whopping 350 million years ago.

Is Katherine Gorge in Kakadu?

Kakadu National Park – Wetlands, Katherine Gorge Tour

This 3 day Kakadu Katherine Gorge Tour explores the highlights of the Top End on this exceptional Northern Territory tour with Kakadu National Park Wetlands, Aboriginal cultural centres and rock art, wetlands cruise & Katherine Gorge cruise.

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