How Do You Get From Split To Pula?

How do you get from Split to Croatia?

Reaching Split is really easy. It is the second-largest travel hub in Croatia after Zagreb. You can reach Split by plane, car, train, bus, and ferry. Split bus and train station, as well as a ferry port, are located one next to another, and within a short walking distance from the Split old town.

Is there a ferry from Venice to Split?

No, there is no direct ferry from Venice to Split, but, there are ferries departing from Venice to Ancona and via Ancona, another ferry arriving in Split in Croatia. The whole journey, including one transfer, one afternoon of sightseeing in Ancona and an overnight ferry crossing, takes about 27 hours.

How do you Split Istria?

Though it is possible to drive, travel by plane is by far the most efficient way to connect from Istria to Split. Renting a car or going by private transfer is, however, a great option for those who wish to make stops along the way to see other sights or towns such as Plitvice Lakes National Park, Rijeka or Zadar.

How do I get from Rijeka to Split?

The best way to get from Split to Rijeka is to bus via Gospić which takes 5h 30m and costs 220 kn - 250 kn. Alternatively, you can train, which costs 190 kn - 260 kn and takes 8h.

Is it worth going to split?

Split is a very authentic city, but it is also famous for its great beaches! Some other gorgeous beaches that are well worth checking out if you have some more time are Zvoncac, Ovcice, and Firule. They are also easy to reach, too!

How do I get from Zadar to split?

The quickest way to get from Split to Zadar is to drive which costs 130 kn - 190 kn and takes 1h 45m. Is there a direct bus between Split and Zadar? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Split Central Bus Station station and arriving at Zadar Ante Starcevica. Services depart every two hours, and operate every day.

Can you take a boat from Italy to Croatia?

The Venice to Croatia ferry routes is at present operated by two ferry companies (Atlas Kompas and VeneziaLines) that connect Italy with Croatia by fast ferry catamaran services several times a week in the period April to October. Duration of the journeys is about 3 to 3.5 hours, depending on the route.

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