How Many Days Do You Need In Bordeaux?

How do you travel around Bordeaux?

You can get around Bordeaux by a variety of methods; rent a bicycle or motorised scooter, hop on one of the urban buses, catch a cab or take the new tramway system. The Bordeaux Découverte card, available at the tourist office, allows unlimited travel for a number of days on buses and trams.

Is Bordeaux an expensive city?

Summary about cost of living in Bordeaux, France: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,542$ (3,130€) without rent. Bordeaux is 22.69% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Bordeaux is, on average, 72.29% lower than in New York.

Which is better Toulouse or Bordeaux?

Both are lovely. Toulouse has more medieval architecture, but the old town in Bordeaux is more lively eapecially in the evening. Bordeaux it is then.

Do you need a car in Bordeaux?

You probably do not need to rent a car if you stay in the city of Bordeaux. Bordeaux isn't a huge city. Areas around the Grand Theatre at Place de la Comedie, the Golden Triangle, and the Quartier Saint-Paul behind Place de la Bourse are at the heart of the city.

What food is Bordeaux known for?

With the Atlantic ocean coastline, fish and shellfish are popular, but Bordeaux is carnivore country and its most celebrated dish is entrecôte marchand de vin, also called entrecote a la bordelaise; rib steak cooked in a rich gravy made from Bordeaux wine, butter, shallots, herbs and bone marrow.

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