How Many Miles Is The Torres Del Paine Circuit?

How hard is the O Trek Patagonia?

Difficulty level:

The O Circuit also includes trekking up and over John Gardner pass, which can be a difficult climb. For the O Circuit, trekkers spend around 4 to 10 hours trekking per day whereas with the W Trek, trekkers spend around 5 to 8 hours a day trekking.

What is the closest airport to Torres del Paine?

The Nearest Airport: Punta Arenas

The Punta Arenas airport, located 360 kilometers and 5 hours south of Torres del Paine National Park. It's the closest airport to the park and has daily non-stop flights from Santiago.

How hard is the Torres del Paine hike?

From here, the Torres del Paine towers hike is just shy of 21 km/13 mi round trip and takes 8- 10 hours to complete. The hike to Mirador de las Torres is rated difficult/strenuous and has an elevation gain of 901 m/2956 ft.

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