How Many Steps Marjan Hill?

How do you climb Marjan Hill?

  • Direct Route Through Varos Neighborhood with Stairs.
  • Gradual Climb Through Varos Neighborhood.
  • Staircase from Matejuska Fisherman's Port.
  • Trail to Cave Dwellings and Rock Climbing Split, Croatia.
  • Trail to Marjan Beach.
  • Where can I watch sunset on Marjan Hill?

    One of the best places in Split to watch catch the sunset is from the top of Marjan Hill, which looks down over the city. Walk up the set of stone steps leading up to the hill from the Varoš neighborhood, and you'll find a lovely viewpoint at Teraca Vidilica café bar.

    How high is Marjan hill?

    178 m tall

    Split harbor, the Riva, and Marjan in the background.
    Highest point
    Elevation 178 m (584 ft)

    Where is the old town in Split?

    The Old Town of Split is the maze of streets and cobblestoned lanes that surround Diocletian's Palace. People's Square (Narodni Trg) is the heart of the Old Town. Cafes and restaurants spill out into the square and one of the highlights of a visit here is gazing up at the old town clock.

    How do I get to Kasjuni Beach?

    You can walk to Kašjuni beach or take a bus. As you can see on the map (scroll down), Trg Franje Tuđmana 1 is the starting point for the bus, number 12. You can buy the bus ticket from the driver (please prepare some change for the bus fare). The ticket is around 11 kunas.

    Where can I see the sunrise in Split?

    Marjan Hill is hailed as the most special place to catch a sunrise or sunset. This symbolic Croatian hill has been a protected landmark since 1964. It's a steep but beautiful walk up to its highest viewing point, which is a fantastic spot to settle in and admire the sunset.

    What is a split sunset?

    Sunsets are caused when light scatters as the sun sets below the horizon. Sometimes those hidden clouds get in the way of the far-reaching sun rays and create a shadow in the sky. That shadow gets projected, creating a split sunset effect. Everything must line up perfectly for this to happen.

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