How Much Is A Train Ticket Across Europe?

How much does inter railing cost?

The Interrail Pass comes in more varieties than Skittles, and while that's great for choice, it means we can't pin down just one fare. Prices range from £44 for certain One Country passes to £776 for the bumper three-month-long first-class Global Pass.

What is the average cost of a hostel in Europe?

Adult prices range from $15.00-$45.00 (per night, per person), with the most common prices being between $20.00-$30.00 (per night, per person). Large cities like London and Paris tend to be more expensive than smaller towns. Hostels in Eastern and Southern Europe tend to be on the low end of the price range.

Is there a train that goes all around Europe?

Eurail is a single rail pass that grants access to 40,000 destinations across 33 different countries in Europe. In other words, it's the most flexible and convenient way for visitors to explore the continent with ease.

Is there a train that connects England to Europe?

Eurostar is a high-speed train connecting Great Britain to Continental Europe. The Eurostar travels via the Channel Tunnel, and brings you from London to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam in just a few hours.

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