Is East Nashville A Good Area?

What part of Nashville is Broadway on?

Broadway is a major thoroughfare running from the southwest to the northeast through the heart of downtown Nashville. Extending from 21st Avenue South to First Avenue, the street connects neighborhoods like the Gulch and Music Row with the Cumberland River waterfront.

What kind of neighborhood is East Nashville?

East Nashville's Origins

The neighborhood is mostly residential with commercial properties located along the major thoroughfares and sparsely peppered within residential streets. East End started in 1876 as an outgrowth of the trendy Edgefield community.

What part of Nashville is best to stay?

Whether you are exploring this music-centric city for a family vacation or business trip, downtown is the best place to stay in Nashville. It is also an expensive area to stay and exudes a lively atmosphere.

What is East Nashville known for?

The region is best known for its embrace of the arts, music, exceptional cuisines, art galleries, museums, and parks. In addition to hotels, East Nashville also offers amazing Airbnb vacation rentals to suit any traveler's accommodation needs.

Can you drive down Broadway in Nashville?

Broadway is a major thoroughfare in the downtown area in Nashville, Tennessee. It includes Lower Broadway, an entertainment district renowned for honky tonks and live country music.

Broadway (Nashville, Tennessee)

Location Nashville, Tennessee
East end 1st Avenue North
South-West end 21st Avenue South

What's considered East Nashville?

East Nashville is broken-up into over a dozen distinct areas most notably: 5-points, Historic Edgefield, East End, Eastwood Neighbors, East Hill, Lockeland Springs, Rolling Acres, Inglewood, Greenwood Neighbors, Cleveland Park, and McFerrin Park.

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