Is It Better To Stay In Tulum Town Or Beach?

Where do celebs stay in Tulum?

Some of the celebrities' reveal that their favorite place to stay in Tulum are beautiful eco-luxury villas, hidden in the lush beaches of Sian Ka'an national park biosphere reserve, “where the sky is born” and still has the look when it was virgin.

Do you have to stay on the beach in Tulum?

The way Tulum Beach is laid out, there is one main road and almost all the hotels are located on the eastern side, with beach access. While Tulum's beach is technically public, each of the resorts carves up their slice of the sand, so you have to essentially be a guest in order to access the beach.

What is the main strip in Tulum?

The Tulum beach strip is a narrow, bumpy road that runs the length of the beach and leads you to the arch, which is the access to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere. You can find accommodation on both the beach side and across the road.

How long is the flight to Tulum?

3 hours, 45 minutes

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