Is Koreatown In Los Angeles Safe?

What is Koreatown known for?

Today, Korean and Latino populations contribute to Koreatown's rich cultural diversity. K-town is also known for having one of the largest concentration of nightclubs and 24-hour businesses and restaurants in the country. Even frequent visitors have only scratched the surface of this vibrant district.

What is there to do in Koreatown at night?

Best fun things to do at night near Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

  • Maze Rooms Escape Game. 1.0 mi.
  • Rooftop Cinema Club, DTLA. 3.0 mi.
  • Urban Light at LACMA. 3.1 mi.
  • Rooftop Cinema Club, Hollywood. 2.6 mi.
  • World of Illusions. 3.2 mi.
  • Flutter Experience. 2.3 mi.
  • The Los Angeles Museum of Love. 1.4 mi.
  • 60Out Escape Room - Koreatown. 0.6 mi.
  • Where do Koreans hang out in Los Angeles?

    Top 10 Best korean club in Los Angeles, CA

  • Arena Ktown. 1.5 mi. 351 reviews.
  • Terra Cotta. 0.8 mi. 424 reviews.
  • Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge. 0.9 mi. 699 reviews.
  • Apt 503. 0.9 mi. 320 reviews.
  • Exchange LA. 4.2 mi. 1041 reviews.
  • Break Room 86. 1.2 mi. 595 reviews.
  • Hollywood Club Crawl. 2.7 mi. 294 reviews.
  • La Descarga. 2.2 mi. 1049 reviews.
  • Is Koreatown Safe 2021?

    Safety: Koreatown gets a mixed score on safety. Recent crime reports indicate that Koreatown has more crime than its neighbors, like Silver Lake.

    Is Koreatown poor?

    Located west of downtown Los Angeles, Koreatown is one of the most densely populated areas in the United States, characterized by a high poverty rate and ethnic diversity.

    Is Koreatown worth visiting?

    5. Koreatown. This might not be one of the neighborhoods you hear talked about the most, but with its exciting restaurant scene, it's well worth the visit. The food and excitement are two great reasons to stay in Koreatown, as well as the multiple Metro stops in the area.

    Where did BTS eat LA?

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  • Where can I find Korean girls in Los Angeles?

    best place to meet girls near Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

  • Arena Ktown. 0.6 mi. 351 reviews.
  • Apt 503. 0.2 mi. 320 reviews.
  • Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge. 0.2 mi. 699 reviews.
  • The Normandie Club. 0.2 mi. 282 reviews.
  • Hollywood Club Crawl. 2.8 mi. 295 reviews.
  • R Bar. 0.5 mi. 629 reviews.
  • Frank N Hanks. 0.2 mi. 282 reviews.
  • Terra Cotta. 0.3 mi.
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