Is May A Good Time To Visit Sicily?

Is Sicily warm in May?

May welcomes pleasant, relatively consistent weather in Sicily and more hours of daylight—and by the middle of the month, the sea might be warm enough to entice brave bathers (65°F/19°C).

Can you swim in Capri in May?

The Most Beautiful Months: Capri in May, June, and September

The sea is warm enough to swim and the island still relatively quiet, especially in the evening when the lion's share of daytrippers have left for the mainland. Hotels, shops, and restaurants are all open and many accommodations on Capri offer special rates.

Can you swim in Amalfi coast in May?

The best time to visit Italy's Amalfi Coast is late spring and early fall, May and September especially. Sea temperatures off Amalfi are best for swimming from June to October. Positano on Italy's Amalfi Coast. The best months to go to the Amalfi Coast are May and September.

Can you swim in the sea in Sicily in May?

Do you want to go to the seaside in Sicily?

Swimming in Sicily by month.

Month May
sea temperature 65°F to 67°F
Our opinion cool swimming
Details Sea temperature in Sicily in may

Which part of Sicily is the warmest?

In Palermo, the region's capital, overlooking the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, there are very mild winters and hot summers, like in the rest of the Sicilian coasts.


Month Average Total
Year 7.4 2685

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