Is Milos Worth Going To?

How much time do you need in Milos?

Milos for how many days? One to Three days. Milos is an island with a great geographical landscape, as its beaches are characterized by their rocky environment and clean water. The villages of Milos also distinguish for their lovely, traditional architecture.

What to do in Milos when it's windy?

There is a small sand 'beach' in the middle where you can easily walk into the water but otherwise, people jump off the rocks. It can get choppy on a windy day so do exercise common sense. There are also a series of caves that are worth exploring towards the back of the beach.

Is Milos too touristy?

While Instagram has helped popularize the island due to its most unique beaches (i.e. Sarakiniko and Tsigrado), Milos is yet to see a tipping point in tourism, meaning it remains unspoiled, reasonably priced, and ripe for discovery.

How many nights should I stay in Milos?

I haven't been to Sifnos or Kythnos before, but i can strongly recommend that you plan at least five days for Milos alone, since it is a pretty big island with lots to see and do.

Which island is better Naxos or Milos?

Naxos is like a small Crete without the huge numbers of tourists and inland is just as scenic. Milos is very quiet at all times and you rarely hear English spoken - on the whole popular with French and Scandinavian tourists.

Is Milos a big island?


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