Is Mount Gambier Worth Visiting?

What is Mt Gambier known for?

Mount Gambier is the second most populated city in South Australia with an estimated urban population of 29,639. The city is well known for its geographical features, particularly its volcanic and limestone features, most notably its Blue Lake, parks, gardens, caves and sinkholes.

Is Mt Gambier dormant or extinct?

It is believed to be dormant rather than extinct. Mount Gambier is thought to have formed by a mantle plume centre called the East Australia hotspot which may currently lie offshore.

What is there to do in Mt Gambier today?

  • Umpherston Sinkhole. 1,306. Geologic Formations.
  • The Blue Lake. 1,504. Bodies of Water.
  • The Valley Lake. 173. Bodies of Water • Valleys.
  • Mount Schank. 110. Mountains.
  • Cave Gardens. 426. Caverns & Caves • Gardens.
  • Centenary Tower. 133. Observation Decks & Towers.
  • Engelbrecht Cave. 214. Caverns & Caves.
  • Mount Gambier Visitor Centre. 129.
  • How many tourists visit Mount Gambier?

    Current benchmark:

    Visitor nights - Numbers
    City of Mount Gambier - 2010/11 to 2019/20 City of Mount Gambier
    2014/15 64,545 518,151
    2013/14 38,951 295,068
    2012/13 131,513 357,546

    What shops are at Mt Gambier?

    Mount Gambier Central Shopping Centre Opening Hours & Store List. Mount Gambier Central has all that you will require for your shopping experience. With ample parking and a wide array of shops including; Foodland, Kmart, Witchery, Best and Less, Subway, Optus & Price Attack.

    Whats it like to live in Mt Gambier?

    The city is well laid out with some nice houses. Its a good sized city but you're never far from anywhere and there is a good selection of shops. It's halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne, close to some of the best coastline Australian has to offer. Mt Gambier has a great feel.

    Is robe worth visiting?

    Drive down 17 kilometres of pure white sand on the aptly named Long Beach or embark on the beautiful Obelisk trail passing the town's Old Gaol, jetty, marina and Factory Bay. Robe Town Beach is a must-visit all year-round with crystal clear water, pure white sand, great walking tracks and incredible scenery.

    Why Is Heard Island forbidden?

    Access to Heard Island is largely restricted to keep it free of introduced animal pests. The volcano itself has only been successfully climbed three times. "The height of Heard Island at Mawson Peak appears to have grown. Officially Heard is 2,745m, but we think it's now about 2,813m.

    Can Mount Warning erupt again?

    Before we go too far and you start to flee the area, our volcano last erupted 23 million years ago, is extinct and is in no danger of waking up and erupting everywhere any time soon.

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