Is Park Güell Free Entry?

Is Park Güell free 2021?

Since it opened, Parc Güell was always an open park for residents and tourists alike. However, due to the growing amount of visitors, it's now required to buy a ticket in order to visit the Monumental Area.

Is it worth paying for Park Güell?

Yes, but in our opinion, it's necessarily not a must-visit, mostly because of the location which makes a visit a little time consuming for what you will see. Park Guell was designed by Antoni Gaudí so if you are a big fan of Gaudi then it's worth visiting.

How much does it cost to enter Park Güell?


General ticket 10 €
Children from 0 to 6 0 €
Children from 7 to 12 7 €
Over 65 and "Targeta Rosa Reduïda" card 7 €

Do you need tickets to enter Sagrada Familia?

Yes, you need to get a ticket to go inside the temple and also to the Sagrada Familia's official shop.

How do you say Guell?

Thank you for your help. A: The word Güell is pronounced "Gwell" also the official name is "Park Güell " The word "Park" in the name is spelt as the English word and not Parc or Parque. The park was named after Mr Güell who funded the development of the park for Antonio Gaudí, one of Barcelona's most famous architects.

How much are tickets to La Sagrada Familia?

From the official webpage, you will have to pay 26€ for the general ticket while students and persons under the age of 30 years pay 24€. Seniors pay 21€ and children under the age of 11 years are admitted into the Sagrada Família for free.

What is the best time to visit Sagrada Familia?

If you want to avoid the crowd, the best time to visit Sagrada Familia is as soon as they open at 9 am. The period from 9 am to 11 am is relatively less crowded. During these peak months, the longest waiting lines are seen between 11 am to 1 pm. After lunchtime, the crowd thins down, and the queues shorten.

Why is Park Guell famous?

Park Güell is certainly one of the most famous sights of Barcelona. The with split ceramics decorated winding bank above the by Roman temples inspired market hall is world famous. Gaudí has created a fabulous forest with this park.

Can you eat in Park Guell?

In regards to your question, we would like to inform you that you can definitely bring backpacks with food and water, but you won't be able to eat or drink inside of the Monumental Area. However, there are designated picnic areas throughout the Park where you can do so.

How long should I spend at Park Guell?

A. It takes about two hours to cover all the major sections of Park Guell.

What is amazing about Park Guell?

Park Güell is one of the most popular attractions in Barcelona. The architecture of these buildings is unique and has employed the use of vibrant ceramic tiles. The architect of the park is none other than the famous Antoni Gaudi.

What is Park Guell monumental zone?

The Monumental Zone is the core attraction of the park and home to some of the most iconic Gaudi monuments. It roughly occupies around 5% of the total Park Guell area and requires a paid ticket to enter. In order to control the crowds, a maximum of 400 people are allowed in every half an hour.

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