Is Puerto Morelos Worth Visiting?

Is it safe in Puerto Morelos Mexico?

Generally speaking the Yucatan peninsula, including Puerto Morelos, is very safe as the Mexican government works hard to secure the safety of visiting tourists.

Can you swim in Puerto Morelos?

Beach goers find the Puerto Morelos beaches to be the perfect place to swim, build sand castles and enjoy the Caribbean breezes. Though the reef may be close to shore, a boat ride to the best snorkel areas makes your trip into the Caribbean more fun, and a safer way to snorkel.

Is Puerto Morelos safe at night?

Puerto Morelos is no exception–it's very safe. You'll feel comfortable walking its streets at any time of day or night. Be aware, the risk of petty theft does exist here, as it does nearly everywhere. Travelers should be watchful, do not to leave their valuables unattended without fear of them getting snatched.

Are beaches open in Puerto Morelos?

Our Beach is OPEN!

Is it safe to brush teeth with tap water in Mexico?

To brush our teeth without worry? Unfortunately, not yet. Despite the increasing number of water filtration systems being implemented within Mexico, the answer remains a resounding "No." Ingesting water tainted with bacteria is an easy way to get yourself very sick.

What is safest city in Mexico?

Mexico safest cities: Merida, located in the Yucatan Peninsula, is known as the safest city in Mexico.

What is the beach like in Puerto Morelos?

Beaches in Puerto Morelos are wide, sandy, uncrowded, and groomed every morning. There are no big waves crashing in, no big sandbag whale things, and you can walk right out into the water on a nice sandy bottom. You also won't be getting tripped up by dive boat ropes because there are very few.

Can you snorkel off the beach in Puerto Morelos?

It is not allowed to snorkel Puerto Morelos reef from the shore anymore. There are only two options to reach this spot: By taking a one- or two-hour snorkeling tour with a guide. You can book the tour on the sea front at Puerto Morelos.

How much does it cost to live in Puerto Morelos Mexico?

Sample Monthly Budget for Puerto Morelos:

Expense U.S. $
Housing Rental (two-bedroom, one-bathroom) $500-$700
Water $40-$60
Internet $35-$65
*Electricity (depending upon AC Usage) $75-$300

What are cenotes?

Cenotes are natural deep-water wells (sinkholes), which are fed by the filtration of rain and by the currents of underground rivers that are born in the heart of the earth. That is why when swimming in a cenote you feel so much freshness.

Is there seaweed in Puerto Morelos?

The municipality of Puerto Morelos remains as the municipality with the highest incidence of seaweed on its beaches in Quintana Roo, by persisting as the only one with the status of the high incidence of that algae in the entity, informed the Mexican Navy.

Is Puerto Morelos good for snorkeling?

The small village of Puerto Morelos definitely becomes more and more celebrated among tourists who seek a relaxed place in the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico to enjoy the sun and excellent diving, snorkeling opportunities that the Marine Park can offer.

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