Is Trento Italy Worth Visiting?

How do you get to Trentino Italy?

You can reach Trento by car on the Brennero main road; on the A22 Brennero motorway (A22-exit for “Trento nord” if you are coming from the north or "Trento sud", if you are coming from the south); on the Valsugana highway for those arriving from Venice or on the main road of the Gardesana occidentale (main road 45) for

Is Trento in northern Italy?

Trento, Latin Tridentum, German Trient, English Trent, city, Trentino–Alto Adige/Südtirol regione (region), northern Italy. It lies along the Adige River, south of Bolzano.

What language do they speak in Trento Italy?

The majority of the Trentino population is Italian-speaking with its local dialects.

How big is Trento Italy?


What province is Trento Italy in?


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