What Area Of Boston Should I Stay In?

Where should I stay in Boston for the first time?

Back Bay/Copley or Downtown are the best and most convenient neighborhoods for first-time visitors to stay in. What is the best neighborhood in Boston for partying? If you're looking to enjoy Boston's nightlife, stay in Fenway.

Why is Boston hotels so expensive?

"Boston's not Phoenix or Denver; we have water on a couple of sides and incredible barriers to entry" into the hotel market, he said. "It's a combination of high prices of land, availability of raw land, and how expensive it is to build anything." Even so, Boston routinely remains a high-priced market.

Why is Airbnb so expensive in Boston?

Re: why the hotels and Airbnb homes are so expensive and so few? Boston is a fairly small city area-wise. Real estate is in high demand, therefore expensive. $100/per night is a good price for the area.

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