What Chiang Mai Famous For?

How can I spend 3 days in Chiang Mai?

  • Breakfast at Blue Diamond.
  • Temple hop.
  • Other things to do in Chiang Mai Old City.
  • Lunch – khao soi noodles.
  • Go for a massage.
  • Coffee shops in Chiang Mai Old City.
  • Evening – Night Market.
  • Fancy a food tour?
  • When should you avoid Chiang Mai?

    Between February and April is probably the worst to visit Chiang Mai if you are sensitive to smoke, as fields in the countryside around the city are burned off. Smoke from similar activities in Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia can also reach Thailand. It's often referred to as the " southeast Asian haze".

    Is Chiang Mai worth visiting?

    Yes - Chiang Mai is Worth Visiting if you get the chance!. Chiang Mai is an ancient city with a modern twist and all the amenities and activities you'd expect to find in any travel destination. It's a city that's also close to nature and is actually known for having the best elephant sanctuaries in Thailand.

    What language is spoken in Chiang Mai?

    In northern Thailand, which had been the independent kingdoms of Lan Na and Chiang Mai from 1259-1939, a distinctive form of Thai is still spoken by the local inhabitants, all of whom can also speak central Thai. All variants of Thai use the same alphabet.

    How much should a tuk tuk cost in Chiang Mai?

    The typical fee should be between 40-200 baht. Drivers like to try to charge per person rather than just on distance. Always negotiate down.

    What is the best time of year to visit Chiang Mai?

    The ideal time to visit Chiang Mai is between October and April. Weather during this period is mostly cool and pleasant with light breeze, which is also why it's peak tourist season. Another good time to visit Chiang Mai is during the festivals when the city is at its vibrant best.

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