What Is Bonus In Iceland?

What time does bonus close in Iceland?

The Hours are short - like opening at 11 am and closed by 5pm or 6 pm!!

What supermarkets are in Iceland?


Name Stores Type of store
Costco 1 hypermarket
Euro-Market 3 convenience
Hagkaup 8 department store
Krónan 23 discount

Can you buy peanut butter in Iceland?

Peanut butter, you can get that here. Nuts, you can get them here. Granola, you can get that here. Packaged cook Tuna fish, you can get that here.

Is there Aldi in Iceland?

Bónus is the budget supermarket in Iceland. The shops are the Icelandic equivalent of a Lidl or Aldi. They offer a limited number of products and shy away from name brands.

Is bonus cheaper than kronan?

Krónan is slightly more expensive than Bónus but offers a considerably larger variety of food items, including an impressive selection of organic and preservative-free groceries.

Can I bring fresh fruit to Iceland?

The long answer is: Yes - but only in very limited quantities. The quantity cannot exceed 3 kg (6.6 lbs) and the total value of the food cannot exceed 10,000 ISK (90 USD/78 EUR/69 GBP). Travelers must pay import duties on anything in excess of this.

Does Iceland have 711?

An interesting fact about Iceland though is that it doesn't have a single McDonald's, 7-11 or even a Starbucks. Instead of 7-11, the massively popular chain 10-11 dominates the Icelandic scene and there's definitely no need for Starbucks, coffee shops abound in Iceland, as does a robust coffee culture.

What can you not bring into Iceland?

Prohibited articles

  • Narcotics and dangerous drugs.
  • Uncooked meat and various meat products e.g. dried meat, uncooked smoked ham, bacon, saddle of pork, smoked uncooked sausages (e.g. salami), uncooked poultry etc.
  • Uncooked milk and uncooked eggs.
  • Is there a Walmart in Reykjavik Iceland?

    No. There is nothing resembling Walmarrt or target in Iceland. A Costco is opening in may, so if you're a member you can go there.

    Do you tip in Iceland?

    Tipping isn't mandatory or customary in Iceland, but it is always appreciated. Hotels, restaurants and cafes already include a service fee and consumption taxes (VAT) on your bill, so tipping extra is often not necessary.

    Is Walmart in Iceland?

    Hagkaup. Hagkaup is the Walmart / Asda of Iceland. Here you'll find a wide range of foods as well as; toys, cosmetics, homewares, clothes etc.

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