What Is The Altitude Of Colca Canyon?

How deep is the Colca Canyon in Peru?

Slicing through the High Andes like a giant fissure for more than 100km, Colca is the world's second deepest canyon, approximately 3,400m at its deepest point -- a shade shallower that the nearby and nearly twice as deep as the US' .

Is Colca Canyon deeper than Grand Canyon?

Cotahuasi formed over the course of several million years as rivers and glaciers chiseled into the plateau. The relief from the canyon floor to the rim ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 kilometers (1.5 to 2.2 miles), making Cotahuasi Canyon about twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

Is Colca Canyon hard?

We were arriving in Arequipa just a couple of days after completing the Inca Trail. Our legs were still quite weary, but an easy trek shouldn't be a problem, we thought. As it turned out, the Colca Canyon was one of the most challenging treks of our lives.

Does everyone get altitude sickness in Cusco?

Cusco is located at an altitude of 3,400 metres (11,200ft) and it is common for many visitors to experience some mild symptoms of altitude sickness in Cusco, or 'soroche' as it is known locally.

Is Colca Canyon worth visiting?

The canyon is beautiful and it's very dramatic to see the towering volcanoes surrounding it and the soaring condors. The drive from Arequipa is also beautiful. We did the three day trip in the canyon, which is definitely worth it. It gives you a bit more time to explore the area, without being too exhausting.

Who lives in Colca Canyon?

Today, Collagua Indians live along the rim of the Colca River Canyon, practicing a lifestyle that has not changed much in the past 2,000 years. Massive condors soar above the canyon at dawn and dusk.

What is special about Colca Canyon?

The canyon's incredible depth, giant condors flying above visitor's heads, and reasonable driving distance from Arequipa, the second most populated city in Peru, makes Colca Canyon one of the most visited attractions this South American country has to offer.

How much does it cost to go to Colca Canyon?

Entrance fee to visit Colca Canyon

There is a compulsory entrance fee of 70 soles per person (for foreigners) to enter Colca Canyon (Approx. $20 US per person.) This is not usually included in the price of tours and is paid for separately upon arrival at the village of Yanque which is the gateway to the canyon.

How do you trek a Colca Canyon?

  • A one-day tour from Arequipa (like this one)
  • A two-day, one-night independent trek, guided trek, or guided tour.
  • A three-day, two-night independent trek or guided trek tour (like this one)
  • What is the deepest canyon in the world?

    The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon in Tibet, a region of southwestern China, was formed over millions of years by the Yarlung Zangbo River. This canyon is the deepest in the world—at some points extending more than 5,300 meters (17,490 feet) from top to bottom.

    What is the biggest canyon in South America?

    Learn everything there is to know about the spectacular Cotahuasi Canyon in Southern Peru, the deepest canyon in the world. Cotahuasi Canyon, located about 200 kilometers (124 miles) from Arequipa in the heart of the Southern Andes, is the deepest canyon in the world.

    What is the deepest canyon in Europe?

    The Tara River Canyon (Montenegrin Cyrillic | Кањон Таре) In the Montenegrin Latinized version: Kanjon Tare; pronounced [kǎɲɔːn târɛː]), also known as the Tara River Gorge, is the largest and deepest canyon in Europe, which is for the most part located in Montenegro, and to a smaller extent in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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