What Is The Best Location To Stay In Hong Kong?

Where should I stay in Hong Kong for the first time?

If you're visiting Hong Kong for the first time, we recommend staying in Tsim Sha Tsui. Here, you'll find numerous outdoor markets selling everything from exotic fruit to statues and jewellery. There's so much to see and do here, making it the best place to come to get to know the city.

What should I avoid in Hong Kong?

15 Things Not to Do in Hong Kong

  • Don't treat Hong Kong like a layover city.
  • Don't visit at the wrong time of year.
  • Don't pay the entrance fee for The Peak viewing platform.
  • Don't ride the Star Ferry during rush hour.
  • Don't only eat dim sum.
  • Don't go to crowded neighborhoods on weekends.
  • Is it better to stay in Kowloon or Hong Kong Island?

    We prefer staying in Kowloon so that you afforded views of the world class Hong Kong Skyline. Better western dining on the HK Island side, better local dining, in our view, on the Kowloon side but its not that much different. Great shopping on both sides in Causeway Bay (HK Island) and Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon).

    Where do expat families live in Hong Kong?

    Whilst some intrepid souls love living in 'the dark side' of Kowloon, there are three key areas that expatriates tend to gravitate towards: the south side of the island including Stanley and Pokfulam; the Peak; and over to the New Territories, Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay. All of them have their pluses.

    What month is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

    The best time to visit Hong Kong is during autumn and early winter, specifically from late September to late December. The great weather, temperatures and outdoor activities make this our pick. However, there are plenty of reasons to visit Hong Kong as it is a year-round destination as well, as you will soon see.

    How many days should I stay in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong has a lot to do. While you can visit the city within one or two days, it's best to spend at least three days in Hong Kong. If you're going to visit Macau, I'd add another day so you'd need 4-5 days to really see the place.

    How many days can a tourist stay in Hong Kong?

    Nationals of about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong without a visa/entry permit for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days.

    What is the difference between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon?

    There is no real difference between Kowloon and Hong Kong island. They are both busy city areas with shops, night life etc. Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui are both part of Kowloon.

    Why is Kowloon called the dark side?

    Nicknamed the 'dark side', despite being permanently lit up in a fiery neon glow, Kowloon is restlessly trapped between Western idealism and Da Li (the Chinese mainland).

    Is Airbnb illegal in Hong Kong?

    Is Airbnb legal in Hong Kong? Yes, Vacation Rental Business is legal in Hong Kong but any property that is rented out for less than 28 days must possess a license to do so, as stated in the Hong Kong Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance.

    Is Hongkong safe for girls?

    Hong Kong is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world. With low crime rates, well maintained infrastructure & roadways, and well trained police and medical services, you shouldn't have much to worry about. As a solo female traveler, I never felt scared while moving about the city – even at night.

    Can you wear shorts in Hong Kong?

    Shorts: Although shorts aren't preferred, you will need a pair or two during the summers. Avoid short-shorts or shorts with rips in them. Skirts & Dress: You can also pack skirts and dresses that are not too revealing or short and can pair them with tights.

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