What Is The Best Month To Visit Uluru?

How do I plan a trip to Uluru?

  • catch an Uluru sunrise and sunset.
  • drive out to visit Kata-Tjuta.
  • do at least one of the incredible walks (we recommend the Mutitjulu Waterhole walk at Uluru and the Valley of the Winds at Kata Tjuta)
  • visit the cultural centre.
  • Can you do Uluru in a day?

    It might be a shame that you only have one full day to spend in Uluru, but fear not, Uluru can be experienced in a day. There are still loads of things to see and do whilst pressed for time. We're here to help you make the most of your trip and experience the best of what Uluru has to offer!

    What should you not miss at Uluru?

    We've pulled together our top ten list of tours and experiences for when you visit Australia's spiritual heart.

  • Take in a Bird's Eye-view of Uluru.
  • Dine under the outback sky at sounds of silence.
  • Set your pulse racing with skydive over Uluru.
  • Ride high on the back of a camel.
  • Zoom around the rock on the back of a Harley.
  • Are flies a problem at Uluru?

    No – though this is a common misconception. Uluru is a five-hour drive south west of Alice Springs, so if you want to fly directly to Uluru, book your flights to Ayers Rock Airport (also known as Connellan Airport) in Yulara.

    What is there to do in Uluru for 3 days?

    Our 3-day Uluru tour itinerary

  • Day 1: Uluru – Learn about Aboriginal culture.
  • Day 2: Kata Tjuta – Hike in the Valley of the Winds.
  • Day 3: Hike in Kings Canyon.
  • Be ready to battle the flies.
  • Don't forget sunscreen!
  • Bring water bottles.
  • Pack warm clothes.
  • Pack a small bag for the trip.
  • Can you take alcohol to Uluru?

    Limits: Sales of take away to in-house resort guests only. Sales are limited to 6 cans of beer or 6 RTD spirits in bottle or can per person per day.

    Can I visit Uluru without a tour?

    Doing it cheap at Uluru is simply not possible. You can walk around by yourself, ie you don't have to go on a tour, but walking around is of little use if you can't get there. In other words the missing part of your equation is the transport from Yulara to Uluru itself. Uluru Express might be your friend here.

    What do tourists do at Uluru?

    Ride, fly, segway or cycle

    Walking isn't the only way to explore Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Join a sunrise or sunset camel tour or see the icons from above in a helicopter - or for the more adventurous - take a tandem skydive!.

    Is Uluru the biggest rock in the world?

    Uluru/Ayers Rock, giant monolith, one of the tors (isolated masses of weathered rock) in southwestern Northern Territory, central Australia. It has long been revered by a variety of Australian Aboriginal peoples of the region, who call it Uluru. It is the world's largest monolith.

    Can you drive to field of light?

    No you can't drive out there on your own, you have to book one of the tours to see it.

    Is Ayers Rock worth visiting?

    Yes, it is definitely worth your time and money to visit Ayers Rock.

    What is there to do in Uluru at night?

    11 things to do at Uluru (that aren't climbing)

  • Visit Field of Light.
  • See Uluru by Segway.
  • Tali Wiru dune-top dining.
  • Walk Kata Tjuta.
  • Do a dot painting workshop.
  • See the night sky.
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