What Is The Coromandel Known For?

Why is Coromandel Peninsula famous?

Renowned for its natural beauty, green valleys, misty rainforests and pristine golden beaches, The Coromandel is blessed with hundreds of hideaways, making it an ideal place to escape.

Where is the Coromandel Peninsula in NZ?

Coromandel Peninsula, peninsula, east-central North Island, New Zealand. Extending into the South Pacific Ocean for 70 miles (110 km) and averaging 20 miles in width, the promontory is bordered by the Firth of Thames and Hauraki Gulf to the west and the Bay of Plenty to the east.

Why is the Coromandel called the Coromandel?

Origin of the name

The Māori name for the Coromandel comes from the Māori legend of Māui and the Fish, in which the demigod uses his hook to catch a great fish from the depths of te Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa (The Pacific Ocean). Te Tara-O-Te-Ika-A-Māui means 'The spine of Māui's fish'.

Is Coromandel worth visiting?

Is Coromandel Worth Visiting? YES. If you have more than three weeks in the North Island, you can't skip the Coromandel. While more and more people are spending at least three weeks in New Zealand, all too often the majority of the time is spent in the South Island and people rush through the North.

Is Coromandel part of Auckland?

The Coromandel Peninsula lies east of Auckland, across the Hauraki Gulf.

How many islands are in the Coromandel?

Located off the coast of Pauanui, the Aldermens are a nature reserve/wildlife sanctuary made up of five main islands. Covered with regenerating coastal forest, the islands are rich with wildlife, including tuatara and robust skink. Access to these islands is by permit only.

What is there to do in Coromandel for free?

13 Best Free Things To Do in Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand

  • Coromandel Itinerary.
  • Kauri Block Hike.
  • New Chums Beach.
  • Whangapoua.
  • Shakespeare Cliff Lookout.
  • Cathedral Cove.
  • Hot Water Beach.
  • Mount Paku Summit.
  • Is Waihi Beach in the Coromandel Peninsula?

    Waihi Beach is located at the eastern base of Coromandel Peninsular and is very close to Tauranga. The beach slopes gently into the ocean and has a very large tide range.

    Why Coromandel coast is important?

    The Coromandel Coast is also home to extensive mangrove forests along the low-lying coast and river deltas, and several important wetlands, notably Kaliveli Lake and Pulicat Lake, that provide habitat to thousands of migrating and resident birds.

    Is Coromandel in the Bay of Islands?

    Especially for the Coromandel Peninsula or the Bay of Island. In fact, both the Bay of Island and the Coromandels are holiday destinations on its own.

    What area is Coromandel?

    The Coromandel is located on the Pacific Coast Highway - on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island, and is within an hour and a half drive of the major centres of Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua and their international airports.

    Is the Coromandel part of Waikato?

    The Waikato is the fourth largest region in New Zealand, covering 25,000 square kilometres. It stretches from the Bombay Hills and Port Waikato in the north down to the Kaimai Ranges and Mt Ruapehu in the south, and from Mokau on the west coast across to the Coromandel Peninsula in the east.

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