What Is The Prettiest Beach In The Bahamas?

Are there nude beaches in Nassau Bahamas?

Love Beach

With refreshing rock pools and warm, shallow waters, Nassau's only designated nude beach is a relaxing crowd-free escape with hammocks.

Where is the bluest water in the Bahamas?

7. Stocking Island Beaches, Exumas. If you're visiting Stocking Island, you must go beach hopping. Stocking Island's gorgeous powdery Ocean Beach stretches for 2 miles on the east side of the island.

Which Is Better Cable Beach or Cabbage Beach?

Depends on the time of year and weather as well. In the winter months (or stormy months) Cabbage Beach can be closed down for dangerous water conditions and undertows. Cable Beach is generally calmer, so it's a better bet when the waves are crashing. You can generally tell when you are coming into the harbour.

Does Nassau have good beaches?

Even in the more densely populated capitol, located on the island of New Providence, Nassau's beaches almost guarantee you will find a stretch of golden sand that will make your top ten list of best beaches in the world. Their clean white sand and crisp turquoise waters are just that beautiful.

Can you walk to beach from Nassau port?

Junkanoo Beach is a fantastic option because it's close to port. You can get there with just a 15-minute walk, which means your excursion is free if you can handle an easy stroll. It can be busy when several ships are in port and also around spring break.

Where is the best place to snorkel in Nassau Bahamas?

  • Rose Island Reef. While it may not technically be in Nassau, Rose Island Reef is mere miles to the east.
  • Stuart Cove.
  • Exumas Land and Sea Park.
  • Goulding Cay Reef.
  • Little Elvis.
  • Gambier Deep Reef.
  • Andros Barrier Reef.
  • Are there bathrooms at Cabbage Beach?

    Note that there are no washrooms or changing rooms on Cabbage beach. There are restrooms in Marina Village (10 minute walk). You can also access the washrooms at the lobby of Beach Tower hotel of Atlantis which is about 5 minute walk from the beach (on top of the farthest stairway).

    Are there any private beaches in the Bahamas?

    While this popular Bahamian port itself is not exclusive, a cruise to Nassau can be your ticket to private beach paradise. There you can enjoy the private island's white-sand beaches and bars, plus a swimming pool overlooking the aquamarine ocean.

    Is Cable Beach nice?

    very beautiful beach as we had imagined, white sand, turquoise water, beautiful fish and water at a perfect temperature. Great beach for a walk or swim, Lots of activities, Parasailing, Vollyball, Jet Ski, Or Baha Mar casino.

    Which is better Nassau or Freeport Bahamas?

    Freeport is more laid back and quaint than Nassau's city hustle and bustle. The beaches and water are better in Freeport, but there is more to do in Nassau, and of course there is Atlantis in Nassau. I prefer Freeport, it's friendly and low key. The Westin is probably the resort of choice.

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