What Is The Safest Area To Stay In Barcelona?

Where is the safest place in Barcelona?

The Safest Neighbourhoods in Barcelona

  • Gràcia. If you're looking to stay somewhere you can feel safe without compromising on feeling like you're still part of the city's buzz, then Gràcia is ideal.
  • Sarrià
  • Sant Antoni.
  • Is Barcelona Spain safe for tourists?

    Although Barcelona is considered generally safe for tourists, there are an large amount of pick-pockets and bag thieves in all Barcelona areas that have popular tourist attractions. Other areas of the city generally does not have problems with pickpockets except near major tourist attractions.

    Is Gothic Quarter Barcelona safe?

    For the most part it is safe to walk the streets of the city center at any time of night, because there are always people out in Barcelona. Violent crime is not a problem. But thieves in Barcelona are good, and they are everywhere the tourists are, and tourists are usually in the Gothic Barrio.

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