What Is The Walled City In Cartagena Called?

What is the old part of Cartagena called?

The Getsemani neighborhood is outside the inner walls, but still part of the Old Town. Its faded colonial beauty stands in stark contrast to the glitz and glamour of the Walled City, but it has a lovely bohemian charm. Come here to take in the beautiful murals and street art.

How old is Cartagena Walled City?

How old are the walls of Cartagena? By the year 2020 the preserved Walls of Cartagena will be 406 years old. These walls have witnessed countless struggles and the evolution of Cartagena, which is known as the "Heroic".

Why is Cartagena called the Walled City?

After he robbed the city of a hefty amount of gold, the Spanish crown ordered the construction of stone walls to protect the city—these are the same walls you can see today in the historic area of the city adequately called la ciudad amurallada—“the walled city.” Even so, some of the most famous pirate attacks happened

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