What Is There To Do In Athens Off The Beaten Path?

What locals do in Athens?

A Local's Guide to the Best 42 Things to Do in Athens, Greece

  • Visit the Acropolis.
  • Acropolis Museum.
  • National Archaeological Museum.
  • Watch the Change of the Guards.
  • Have a picnic at the National Gardens.
  • Visit the Panathenaic Stadium.
  • Climb Philopappos Hill.
  • Stroll the paved streets of Plaka.
  • Where in Greece is not touristy?

    Non-Touristy Experiences in Greece

  • Pyrgi, Chios.
  • Fossilised Palm-Tree Forest, Lakonia.
  • Acheron River in Parga, Epirus.
  • Drakolimni, Epirus.
  • Diros Caves, Mani.
  • Stone Forest, Epirus.
  • Melissani, Kefalonia.
  • Prespa Lakes, Makedonia.
  • What do locals do for fun in Greece?

  • Go Sea Kayaking. Embrace the calm seas of Greece by hopping into a kayak and exploring the coastline.
  • Athens Central Market. The Athens Central Market offers more than just a traditional flea market.
  • Renting a Car.
  • Check Out The Graffiti in Athens.
  • See The Tourlitis Lighthouse.
  • Rocks of Lemnos.
  • Explore Delphi.
  • Hit The Slopes.
  • Is 2 days enough in Athens?

    Well, yes, 2 days in Athens is enough time to explore most of what the city has to offer. It's a lively, sometimes chaotic Mediterranean city with a mix of ancient and modern architecture. All the attractions and sites are located in a compact area, so you can easily reach them on foot.

    Is Athens Greece safe at night?

    It will be safe at 5pm, most of Athens is safe at night. Just treat it like you would any other city. As already suggested the only area I would avoid is Omonia, I have been there during the day and it is not the best, but it is even worse at night.

    What is there to do in Athens indoors?

  • Acropolis Museum. 37,011. History Museums.
  • National Archaeological Museum. 7,846. Art Museums • History Museums.
  • Benaki Museum. 1,517. Art Museums.
  • Museum of Cycladic Art. 1,203. Art Museums.
  • Hellenic Motor Museum. 324. Speciality Museums.
  • Byzantine and Christian Museum. 977.
  • Museum of Illusions Athens. 565.
  • War Museum. 486.
  • What is the coolest thing in Greece?

  • Tour the Acropolis. Source: Shutterstock.
  • Climb Mount Olympus. Source: Shutterstock.
  • Uncover Lake Plastira. Source: Shutterstock.
  • Admire the architecture in Santorini.
  • Visit the Delphi.
  • Explore the Samaria Gorge.
  • Discover the Acropolis Museum.
  • Marvel at the Epidaurus Theater.
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