What Is There To Do In Croatia At Night?

Does Croatia have good night life?

Zagreb, the Croatian capital has the best nightlife. Some popular nightclubs include Night Club KISS, Aquarius Club Zagreb, Boogaloo Club, and Gallery Club.

Is Split safe at night?

Despite all I wrote, I still believe Split, and Dalmatia in general, to be relatively safe, even at night. If you chose a holiday home on some of the islands, like the island of Čiovo, or any little village along the Adriatic coastline, you may experience a truly peaceful and serene vacation.

Is Split Croatia good for nightlife?

Split nightlife offers a lot of opportunities for socializing, drinking, dancing, and overall having a great time. Split is a place of thousands of cafe-bars practically everywhere in the city. But don't worry, this is a way of living in Split. If you are looking for after-hours clubs, Split wont disappoint you.

Is there a strip in Croatia?

The Riva is the main strip of restaurants in Split, between the palace walls and the water.

Is Hvar a party island?

Hvar isn't all clubs and beach bars, but the fact it that Hvar does have a reputation as a party island. From casual day bars to expensive island clubs, you can find it all here.

Does Zagreb have a beach?

While in Soblicevo you have a decent beach, although a little too small, it's still very beautiful and peaceful. This beautiful beach lies hidden only a few minutes away from the centre of Rijeka. In the summer it is very crowded, nevertheless it is beautiful, concerning it's in the middle of the town.

Does Split have a strip?

Split Circus

Split's nightlife scene is focused around the Dosud drinking strip, and this popular bar is one of the best in the area. It's famous for its incredible rakija (fruit brandy) menu, which includes everything from plum and pear to honey and herb varieties.

Is Split in Croatia cheap?

Food and drinks in Split are similar to Dubrovnik, except they tend to be much cheaper and far less tourist-dominated. You'll dine and drink among actual locals in Split, so it doesn't take much effort to find places with local prices.

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