What Is There To Do In Hobart With Friends?

What is there to do in Hobart this weekend?

What to Do on a Weekend in Hobart

  • Salamanca Market and Surrounds.
  • The Museum of Old and New Art – MONA.
  • The Farm Gate Market.
  • Battery Point.
  • Brooke Street Pier.
  • Bakery Stop.
  • Hit Up the Hobart CBD for shopping.
  • Dinner Somewhere Fabulous.
  • Is Hobart safe at night?

    Hobart is a very safe city by world standards. The advice is generic. It's always best to avoid pubs late at night.

    What is there to do in Hobart at night?

    Top 5 Things to Do in Hobart at Night

  • Streets Eats at Franklin Square. You may be able to find a few night markets in Hobart, but none of them will be as memorable or as delicious as Street Eats Franko.
  • Catch a Game of Footy at the Blundstone Arena.
  • Summer and Winter Festivals.
  • The Aurora Australis.
  • Clubs and Pubs.
  • Does Hobart have snow?

    Snow rarely settles at sea level, however Mount Wellington in Hobart experiences sporadic snowfall during the winter months, and occasionally through autumn and spring. Skiers and snowboarders can get their thrills in the Mount Field National Park, a 90-minute drive from Hobart.

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