What Is There To Do In Launceston?

Is Launceston Tasmania worth visiting?

“Launceston is the adventure capital of Australia,” says Ian, my mountain biking and rock climbing guide. Close to the city itself you can rock climb, kayak and bushwalk, and a short drive will have you at places you can mountain bike and zipline.

What can you do in Launceston for free?

  • Cataract Gorge Reserve. 5,684. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • The Tamar Valley. 702. Valleys.
  • City Park. 1,885. Parks.
  • Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery. 717. Art Museums • History Museums.
  • Tamar Island Wetlands. 297.
  • Harvest Launceston, Community Farmers' Market. 182.
  • Alexandra Suspension Bridge. 116.
  • Lilydale Falls. 129.
  • How do I spend a day in Launceston?

  • A good day in Launceston always begins with coffee.
  • Cruise along the Tamar River, including Cataract Gorge.
  • Visit Josef Chromy for lunch and a tour.
  • Admire the city's heritage architecture.
  • Take a trip down memory lane at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery.
  • Dinner at Black Cow Bistro.
  • Do you need a car in Launceston?

    You don't need a car to get around the Launceston city center unless you have small children in tow, or are not fond of walking. Taxis are available and there is parking in the main tourist areas for those who have rent cars. Most hotels provide off-street parking.

    Is Launceston hilly?

    Climate. Launceston has an oceanic, temperate climate, with four distinct seasons. The city is located in the Tamar Valley and is surrounded by many large hills and mountains.

    How much is bowling in Launceston?

    3 games of bowling for just $16 per person. Only available Sundays after 6pm. Shoe hire not included.

    What is there to do from Launceston to Cradle Mountain?

    Top 3 to see: Drive tour from Launceston to Cradle Mountain

  • Day 1: Launceston. Tamar River Cruise – Cruise along the famous river and view the Cataract Gorge in style over lunch, morning or afternoon tea.
  • Day 2: Launceston to Cradle Mountain.
  • Day 3: Cradle Mountain.
  • How do I get from Hobart to Launceston?

    1) The ONLY way to get from Launceston to Hobart without a car is by bus. The bus interchange is in Cimitiere Street near the corner of St John Street. You could take a couple of days to do the trip by hopping off the bus in the intermediate towns.

    Which is colder Hobart or Launceston?

    Hobart is a bit cooler in Summer than Launceston and tends to have a nice breeze off the Derwent River. In terms of Winter Launceston being in a valley is much colder than Hobart. Launceston gets more fog and frost than Hobart and also gets lower temperatures.

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