What Part Of Detroit Should I Stay In?

What is the best area of Detroit?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Detroit, MI

  • Belmont. Population 2,238. 250 %
  • Brush Park. Population 1,746. 226 %
  • Greensbriar. Population 2,531. 224 %
  • Weatherby. Population 1,643. 210 %
  • Fishkorn. Population 3,443. 190 %
  • Carbon Works. Population 615. 176 %
  • Petosky-Otsego. Population 7,177. 162 %
  • Van Steuban. Population 6,379. 158 %
  • Is Detroit worth visiting?

    Detroit is one of those unique places that everyone needs to visit. Detroit, commonly known and referred to as THE Motor City, is busting at the seams with culture and life. The city is perfectly vibrant, progressive and charming.

    Is Detroit a safe place to visit?

    Detroit is generally safe for tourists, though some neighborhoods are best avoided. A crime that does occur is mainly between members of street gangs or individuals who know each other, and in areas that are of no interest to visitors. Avoid sketchy neighborhoods and take normal precaution measures.

    Is Dearborn Michigan safe?

    The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Dearborn is 1 in 39. Based on FBI crime data, Dearborn is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Michigan, Dearborn has a crime rate that is higher than 88% of the state's cities and towns of all sizes.

    What's the worst area in Detroit?

    The 5 most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit, MI

  • Fishkorn.
  • Carbon Works.
  • Van Steuban.
  • Warrendale.
  • Franklin Park.
  • Barton-McFarland ( 1,130% higher crime than Michigan's average crime rate)
  • Fitzgerald ( 1,078% higher crime than Michigan's average crime rate)
  • Riverdale ( 1,045% higher crime than Michigan's average crime rate)
  • How bad is Detroit?

    Local crime rates are among the highest in the United States (despite this, the overall crime rate in the city has seen a decline during the 21st century), and vast areas of the city are in a state of severe urban decay. Poverty, crime, shootings, drugs and urban blight in Detroit are ongoing problems.

    Is Detroit rough?

    Real talk, crime rates in Detroit are above the national average in all categories. The city consistently ranks as one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S., but it doesn't mean it's unsafe to live here. After all, over half a million people proudly call Detroit home.

    Do you need a car in Detroit?

    Fast, reliable mass transit is practically non-existent in the Detroit metro area, so you definitely will need a car. Shopping in the city is VERY limited; another reason to rent a car, since you will be going to the suburbs to shop.

    Is Detroit still a ghost town?

    Since the 1960s however, the city has faced a prolonged period of decline which culminated in Detroit becoming the largest US city to ever file for bankruptcy in 2013. Abandoned buildings are now an ever-present feature of the cityscape, with some even going as far as labelling it The Abandoned City.

    Is Detroit going to recover?

    Detroit's unemployment rate "has declined more quickly than we had dared to hope last year," UM forecasters said. By 2026, forecasters predict the city's unemployment rate will decline to 6.9%. They predict there will be almost 240,000 total jobs in the city by 2026, about 10,000 more than there were in 2019.

    What is the best month to visit Detroit?

    May to September is the best time to visit from a weather perspective when warm temperatures and summer sunshine encourage visitors to get out and explore. Fall and spring are more temperate, but still plenty nice enough to be outside.

    Can you walk around downtown Detroit?

    The city has seen changes to its economy over the years and greater diversification. Several landmarks in the city are important to the city's history and culture, including Motown-related attractions. Take this self-guided walking tour to see all the most prominent attractions in downtown Detroit.

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