What Should I Know Before Visiting California?

How should I prepare for a trip to California?

  • Protect yourself from the sun.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Don't go hiking unprepared.
  • Know how to get help.
  • Practice campfire safety.
  • Know what to do during an earthquake.
  • Be safe in the water.
  • Prepare for rough driving conditions.
  • What are the travel restrictions for visiting California?

    California has no travel restrictions or requirements at this time.

    What should I avoid in California?

    10 Things Everyone In Southern California Should Avoid At All

  • Referring to California as "Cali."
  • Heading to the grocery store without reusable bags.
  • Going on a hike without packing enough water.
  • Dining in a chain restaurant.
  • Ignoring the parking signs.
  • Driving in the rain.
  • Where should I go first time in California?

  • The San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Pasadena.
  • San Diego: Sunshine, Beaches, and Spanish Architecture.
  • Yosemite National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Lake Tahoe: Hiking, Mountain Biking, and Skiing.
  • Seaside Towns and Nature Sites of Marin County.
  • How should I dress in California?

    California style really revolves around wearing nice tops paired with denim jeans or shorts. Cute shirts are worn throughout the day and then dressed up for the evening with a nice pair of heels and some jewelry.

    How many days do you need in California?

    The most popular travel itineraries in California fall into 2 categories. Obviously one does not exclude the other. It depends on the time available and the type of attractions you prefer to see. To fully enjoy both, you will need at least 15 or 20 days.

    What is the best month to go to California?

    The best time to visit California is in the spring during April and in the fall from September to October. During those months, the crowds are tolerable, and it's the best time for outdoor activities as the temperatures are usually pleasant and not too hot.

    What should I avoid in LA?

    If you're looking to avoid L.A.'s worst tourist traps, check out this list of ten places not to go.

  • Cinerama Dome. The Cinerama Dome is a dome and little more for most who visit.
  • Dolby Theatre.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • The Grove.
  • L.A. Live.
  • Madame Tussauds Hollywood.
  • Pink's Hot Dogs.
  • Rodeo Drive.
  • What are the dangers of California?

    Despite its seemingly apocalyptic list of dangers – guns, violent crime, riots, earthquakes – California is a reasonably safe place to visit. The greatest danger is posed by car accidents (buckle up – it's the law), while the biggest annoyances are metro-area traffic and crowds.

    What can you be aware of in California?

    Tips on Areas to Avoid in San Francisco

  • Bayview – drugs and violence.
  • Sunnydale – drive-by-shootings, active drug use.
  • Hunters Point – highest murder rate in the city.
  • Visitation Valley – drive-by-shootings and stabbing.
  • Tenderloin – Eddy and Ellis Streets are heavily populated with drug users.
  • Do you have to wear a mask in California?

    Masks are required for unvaccinated people and recommended for everyone in indoor public places, like: Retail. Restaurants. Theaters.

    Is California Safe?

    Californians were second in the nation for highest concern over COVID-19, third in the nation for concern over gun violence and police violence, and fifth for concern over violent crime. But, for all this worry, 40% say they feel safe in California.

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