What Should You Not Miss In Rome Italy?

What is the number one tourist attraction in Rome?

1. Colosseum. The number 1 attraction of Rome is the Colosseum; the large amphitheatre that housed 65,000 spectators in Roman days.

What is Rome Italy best known for?

What is Rome Known For? Rome is known for its stunning architecture, with the Colleseum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain as the main attractions. It was the center of the Roman Empire that ruled the European Continent for several ages. And, you'll find the smallest country in the world in Rome; Vatican City.

What are 2 tourist attractions in Rome?

15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Rome

  • The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine.
  • Vatican City. Vatican City.
  • The Pantheon. The Pantheon.
  • Roman Forum. Roman Forum.
  • Trevi Fountain. Trevi Fountain.
  • Centro Storico & the Spanish Steps. The Spanish Steps.
  • Santa Maria Maggiore.
  • Piazza Navona.
  • Is Pisa close to Rome?

    The historical city of Pisa sits on both sides of the River Arno, not far from the Renaissance city of Florence and surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Pisa is close enough to Rome that it can be explored as a day trip, albeit a long one.

    Should I go to Rome or Paris?

    Paris is a more formal city than Rome, and while you can certainly enjoy a family trip to either, scrambling over ruins and downing pizza is, generally speaking, much more kid-friendly than strolling through art galleries and eating omelets that probably come with something green in them.

    Is Tuscany near Rome?

    Tuscany is roughly 185 miles south of Milan and 175 miles north of Rome. For travelers heading to this picture-perfect part of Italy by plane, international airports in Florence and Pisa are closest.

    Is Rome in Italy or Greece?


    Rome Roma (Italian)
    Country Italy
    Region Lazio
    Metropolitan city Rome Capital
    Founded 753 BC

    How popular is Rome?

    Rome is the most popular tourist destination in Italy. Around nine million international tourists visit Rome each year, ranking it among the most visited city destinations in Europe. Besides Rome, the Italian city of Milan also ranked highly for international tourism.

    Why is Rome a popular tourist destination?

    Rome today is one of the most important tourist destinations of the world, due to the incalculable immensity of its archaeological and art treasures, as well as for the charm of its unique traditions, the beauty of its panoramic views, and the majesty of its magnificent "villas" (parks).

    What language is spoken in Rome?

    Latin, the language of Ancient Rome.

    What are 3 things about Rome?

    The Main Rome Facts

  • Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus.
  • Rome is the most visited city in Italy.
  • Rome is 2,500 years older than the Republic of Italy.
  • Rome became the capital of Italy in 1871.
  • The nickname of Rome is Caput Mundi, Italian for Capital of the World.
  • There are more than 2000 fountains in Rome.
  • What's the famous fountain in Rome?

    Trevi Fountain, Italian Fontana di Trevi, fountain in Rome that is considered a late Baroque masterpiece and is arguably the best known of the city's numerous fountains.

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