What To Do In Alaska When It Is Raining?

What do people do for fun in Anchorage Alaska?

54 Fun & Unusual Things to Do in Anchorage, Alaska

  • 1 – Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
  • 2 – Embrace the outdoors at Kincaid Park.
  • 3 – Go sleuthing on a scavenger hunt.
  • 4 – Explore the Kenai Fjords National Park.
  • 5 – Hike the trails in Chugach State Park.
  • 6 – Discover the Alaska Native Heritage Center.
  • Are there bad parts of Anchorage?

    Mountain View Fairview Spenard and parts of Muldoon and parts of Airport Heights are the bad neighborhoods. In Anchorage. Good neighborhoods are hillside dimond area Fox Hall College Gate. Also midtown can be sketchy.

    Where should you avoid in Anchorage?

    Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Anchorage, AK

  • Mountain View. Population 6,816. 58 %
  • Midtown. Population 4,956. 50 %
  • Government Hill. Population 1,302. 44 %
  • Russian Jack Park. Population 11,666. 36 %
  • Downtown. Population 1,237. 32 %
  • Spenard. Population 12,159. 28 %
  • Fairview. Population 7,098. 24 %
  • Northeast. Population 28,773. 23 %
  • Is Alaska fun in the rain?

    We all know that Alaska can get its fair share of rain during the summer months and, of course, ample amounts of snow during the winter months. Take a friend to the local rock gym and go bouldering OR get outside and find some real Alaskan rock to climb.

    Can you see the northern lights from Anchorage?

    Yes, you can see the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, from Anchorage - but not in the summer. The aurora actually occurs all year long, but the sky needs to be clear and dark to see it. Views are best from September to April. Winter is the prime viewing time.

    Is Anchorage Alaska worth visiting?

    IMO Anchorage is well worth a day or two. There are a ton of really great activities: hiking, museums, fishing, dining, arts/crafts, scenery all within the city. AK is huge and if you're here just for a little while, I wouldn't suggest any where too far away (like Denali).

    How many days should I spend in Anchorage?

    Most people plan at least three days in Anchorage during their Alaska travels. No matter how long you have, there are many ways to explore. Eat your way through Anchorage, dive into Alaska Native cultures, enjoy the great outdoors, search for bears, or see just how much you can fit into one day under the midnight sun.

    Is Anchorage rough?

    Despite its beauty, Anchorage has a reasonably high crime rate. You are more likely to be a victim of crimes of opportunity. However, most violent crimes in Anchorage are usually domestic disputes.

    Are there Grizzlies in Anchorage?

    The Municipality of Anchorage is Alaska's largest city. Its human population numbers about 280,000 in 2008, about 40% of the state's population. Residents also include 250–350 American black bears and 55–65 brown (aka grizzly) bears.

    Is Anchorage safe for tourists?

    Anchorage is a very safe city for it's size. The traveler should rarely have a problem with crime while visiting. Areas around Spenard have a higher crime rate than other neighborhoods in Anchorage as well as some sections of Mountain View. These areas aren't violent, there is just more open drug use in these areas.

    What percentage of Anchorage is black?

    Black or African American: 5.57%

    Is Anchorage a safe city?

    #4 Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, is also its least safe.

    Alaska's Safest Cities.

    City Anchorage
    Crime rate per 1,000 62.37
    Violent crimes per 1,000 13.10
    Property crimes per 1,000 49.28
    Law enforcement per 1,000 1.97

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