What Type Of Landform Is The Flinders Ranges?

Is Wilpena Pound a meteorite crater?

Simply referred to as 'The Pound' by locals, Wilpena Pound is a huge natural amphitheatre that superficially resembles a meteorite impact crater. The interior of The Pound is 11 kilometres long by 8 kilometres wide, hemmed in by a series of peaks, the largest of which, St Mary's, is 1171m in height.

Is Wilpena Pound a volcano?

Despite early amateur theories that it was some kind of ancient volcano, the actual Pound is a synclinal basin, with the fold axis running NNW-SSE through Edeowie Gorge at the northern end and Rawnsley's Bluff at the southern.

How was Wilpena Pound formation geological?

Superficially, Wilpena Pound resembles the remnant of an ancient and violent cataclysm, a massive meteorite crater or catastrophic volcanic eruption. The geological reality is far more prosaic. Around 800 million years ago, sediments began to layer, in a formation known as the Adelaide Geosyncline.

What type of rocks are in the Flinders Ranges?

The Flinders Ranges (Figure 1) are made up of sedimentary rocks that were deposited during Neoproterozoic time in a sedimentary basin called the Adelaide Geosyncline. About 500 million years ago during Palaeozoic time the basin sediments were folded and faulted by mountain building processes.

What type of rock is Wilpena Pound?

Wilpena Pound is a rock basin with a hard rim of rock known as Rawnsley Quartzite. Wilpena Pound is located within the Flinders National Park, the pound is approximately 15Kms in length, 8Kms wide and is an area of Approximately 8000 Hectares. The floor of the Pound is about 180 metres higher than the surrounding area.

What is a geographical pound?

Pound is an old English term for a livestock enclosure usually surrounded by stone walls. Geologists use the term for rock formations that resemble such enclosures on a massive scale, and one of the best examples of a pound is Wilpena Pound in Australia. The feature occurs in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia.

Is Wilpena Pound a landform?

STATEMENT OF GEOLOGICAL DESIGNATION: Wilpena Pound Geological Landform is one of South Australia's most significant and distinctive geological landforms. It represents an outstanding example of a remnant synclinal basin, formed as part of the interfering N-S, NE-SW and E-W fold trends which meet in this region.

Who owns Wilpena Pound?

NRMA Parks and Resorts, which is one of Australia's largest transport and tourism operators, has been appointed resort manager for South Australia's iconic Indigenous-owned Wilpena Pound Resort in the Flinders Ranges.

Where are fossils in Flinders Ranges?

Fossils are found in a rock unit called the Ediacara Member throughout the Flinders Ranges, most notably at Ediacara Conservation Park, where the first discoveries were made, and at the remarkable site at Nilpena, where serial excavations have unearthed a wealth of palaeoecological and palaeontological information.

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