What Was Inside Petra?

Can you take pictures inside Petra?

It's really really small, and it gives really really good photo opportunities so you may have to wait on a line to take your shot. If you want yourself inside the picture, you need to use flash to compensate for the little light inside. The cave also has a small rock balcony overlooking the Monastery.

How do you sleep in Petra?

While you are not allowed to stay overnight unaccompanied in Petra, you can book a traditional Bedouin cave stay. Most hosts offer the full traditional experience, including dinner cooked over an open fire, the option of sleeping under the stars, as well as transportation back to the park entrance in the morning.

Who actually built Petra?

Petra was built by the Nabateans in what is now southern Jordan, while the civilization was amassing great wealth trading with its Greek and Persian contemporaries around 150BC.

Does anyone still live in Petra?

Few Bedouins still live inside the historic site of Petra, dating to around 300 B.C.

How can I take photo of Petra?

  • Arrive Early To The Gates.
  • Take Your Classic Shots During The Show.
  • Set Your Focus Point Before The Show Starts.
  • Use The Show Time Wisely.
  • Don't Use Your Flash.
  • Be Respectful Of The Non-Photographers.
  • Compose Your Shot.
  • Set Your Focus Point.
  • Why did Petra fall?

    Petra sank into obscurity after a shift in trade routes that was followed by two powerful earthquakes, one in A.D. 363 and a second in 551. Many of the buildings, including the sixth-century church under excavation, appear to have burned as well as collapsed. The desolation that fell over the city helped preserve it.

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