Where Can I Go In Dubai At Night?

Where can I go on a Friday night in Dubai?

  • Dubai Marina - A Walk in Dubai to Remember.
  • Madinat Jumeirah - The Souk of the Well-Dressed.
  • Boudoir - The French Connection.
  • Catwalk - A Tiny Place of Wonders.
  • At.
  • Buhayra Lounge - Where Luxury meets Extravagance.
  • Stereo Arcade - Lights, Music & Party.
  • Is it safe in Dubai at night?

    No, there aren't any dangerous areas in Dubai. Since the whole city is closely monitored, crime rates are incredibly low. Violent crime almost doesn't exist. You can even safely walk around the city at night without having to worry about any trouble.

    Is Dubai Open All Night?

    With several malls and food outlets open till late night, beach sides to have a stroll, nightclubs to party hard, and the wilderness that welcomes the adventure seekers- Dubai is wide awake to keep the night owls entertained and you would not find any excuses to stay in once the sun goes down.

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