Where Can I Watch Sunset In Kaohsiung?

What is Kaohsiung city known for?

Located in the southern part of Taiwan, the city of Kaohsiung is the island's largest industrial center. Known as "Taiwan's Maritime Capital," the city has worked hard in recent years to develop its tourism industry, including through beautification of the urban landscape.

What is there to do in Kaohsiung today?

9 Best Things to Do in Kaohsiung

  • 85 Sky Tower.
  • Cijin Island.
  • Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Kaohsiung National Stadium.
  • Lotus Lake.
  • Liuhe Night Market.
  • Love River.
  • Old City of Zuoying.
  • Is Kaohsiung worth visiting?

    It doesn't really matter which is largest though, as all three are wonderful places to visit, full of the sights, sounds, and smells of the night market. Other attractions found in Kaohsiung include Love River, 85 Sky Tower, the incredible Formosa Boulevard MRT station, and the Old British Consulate.

    Is Kaohsiung tropical?

    Located about a degree south of the Tropic of Cancer, Kaohsiung has a tropical savanna climate (Köppen Aw), with monthly mean temperatures between 20 and 29 °C (68 and 84 °F) and relative humidity ranging between 71 and 81%.

    What language is spoken in Taiwan?


    What is the coldest month in Taiwan?

    The cool season lasts for 3.3 months, from December 5 to March 15, with an average daily high temperature below 71°F. The coldest month of the year in Taipei is January, with an average low of 57°F and high of 66°F.

    Is Taipei expensive?

    Taipei is an enormous city with things in nearly every price range, but for most tourists it might appear to be on the expensive side, at least compared to mainland China, though certainly cheaper than Japan. However, finding restaurants with English language menus in the lower price ranges is extremely challenging.

    Is it safe to eat street food in Taipei?

    Food Safety : “Can I eat street food?” Street food in Taiwan is generally safe and delicious, and many a happy Taiwan vacation has been spent dining almost exclusively at night markets without a hint of foodborne illness (Your cholesterol level may rise, but that's another issue).

    How much is the train from Taipei to Kaohsiung?

    Take train from Taipei Main Station to Kaohsiung Main Station (travel time: about 4.5-6hrs/ fare: about TWD 800-900). Visitors may connect to other Kaohsiung areas simply by taking a short KRT ride from the KRT Kaohsiung Main Station.

    What do you eat on Kaohsiung?

    Local Dishes You Can Only Find in Kaohsiung

  • Milkfish congee.
  • Fish ball soup.
  • Duck rice.
  • Scallion pancake with pork.
  • Pot burn noodle soup.
  • Mutton hot pot.
  • Fresh tomato slices with ginger soy sauce.
  • Deep-fried egg crisp.
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