Where Is The Famous Cathedral In Barcelona?

What is the main cathedral in Barcelona?

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia (Catalan: Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia), also known as Barcelona Cathedral, is the Gothic cathedral and seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

What is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona?

La Sagrada Familia

What is the biggest cathedral in Barcelona?

Basílica de la Sagrada Família

Basílica de la Sagrada Família
Year consecrated 7 November 2010 by Benedict XVI
Status Active/under construction
Location Barcelona, Spain

What is the tallest cathedral in Spain?

The tallest of the six spires, the Tower of Jesus Christ will measure over 172 metres and make the Sagrada Família the tallest religious building in Europe.

What is the largest cathedral in the world?

Basilica of Our Lady Aparecida
Name Basilica of Our Lady Aparecida
City Aparecida
Country Brazil
Denomination Catholic (Latin)
Notes Largest cathedral in the world.

Is the tallest spire in the world?

1. Ulm Minster Cathedral. The tallest building in the world, it's located in Germany. From the century 14th, the church is famous for having the highest spire in the world at 161.5 metres (530ft).

What is La Sagrada Familia made of?

The stone material used includes various sandstones and granite, as well as reinforced concrete for the naves. Thin masonry timbrel makes up much of the vaulting.

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