Where Should I Stay In Hong Kong For The First Time?

Where do the rich stay in Hong Kong?

The Peak is generally regarded as Hong Kong's most exclusive residential area, the top of the world literally (or at least the top of Hong Kong Island),” Miller explains. Prices are among the highest in Hong Kong and vary according to the size and type of property.

Why is Repulse Bay so expensive?

A high-end property in Repulse Bay always comes with a picturesque and expansive sea view so the cost is usually higher than those in other districts. Located by the sea with rolling mountains as the backdrop, Repulse Bay is dotted with low-density homes which shape a star-studded luxury residential market.

Is Hong Kong easy to get around?

Getting around Hong Kong is easy: routes that aren't already covered by the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) can be reached by bus, minibus, tram, or taxi. And as payments for most of these can be covered by the contactless, prepaid Octopus Card, you don't have to worry about exact change too much, either!

Is Repulse Bay Expensive?

The property at 110 Repulse Bay Road is considered the most expensive property in the world on a per square foot basis. David Ji of Knight Frank says prices in the Southern District are not expected to come down as the super rich who own properties there have no need to sell and are not in the market to speculate.

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